Intensive Seminar 2018 – From Mechanics to Motion

Intensive Seminar 2018 – From Mechanics to Motion

Tomorrow, on 9. and 10. June 2018 our first intensive seminar “From Mechanics to Motion” takes place in Vienna. We’re fully booked and so excited for this seminar with amazing people coming together!

On those 2 days we will work intensively in the same group during 5 workshops. The concept enables us, to get to know the individuality of each participant and to work sepcifically with the dynamics that we feel within each couple and the whole group. In this spring edition of our Intensive Weekend, we will dig deep into the physical approach to certain movements in tango to make them more comfortable or suitable for the couple. On top of that we will see how, through different intentions or “stories” of expression, these movements will change. The goal is to be able to get from the pure basic movement to various expressions connected to the individual music in the couple.

We’re ready and looking forward to this amazing weekend. <3

Location: Perform Zentrum, Mariahilfer-Strasse 51 (3rd backyard), 1060 Vienna

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