Tango Argentino in Vienna

Although our Tango Journey leads us into the World, our Home and Base is Vienna.
We feel connected to this beautiful City and to our Students
as well to the Tango Community here.


Open Class

Wednesdays, 20h – 21.30h

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4 special Seminars every Year

Private Class

Express Yourself & feel free

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Open Class - for Singles & Couples

Margaretengürtel 100/10/04, 1050 Vienna

Our regular class in Vienna is called Deepening & Development. We work intensively with everybody
to deepen and develop a soft, clear and joyful Tango experience. You can drop in any time and at any level.
This class is adaptable to your personal level and Tango.

ARE YOU READY TO ENJOY WITH US? Singles or couples, everyone is welcome!


Price: 25€ Single Class/ 180€ for 8-Classes-Block/ -20% for students

Intensive Seminars

2 per Year

The intensive seminar is set up to work in the same group of limited couples during 5 Workshops in 2 days. The concept enables us, to get to know the individuality of each participant and to work specifically with the dynamics that we feel within each couple and the whole group.

DAY 1: SATURDAY is composed of three workshops of 1,5 hours each: From 13:00h until 19:00h.
DAY 2: SUNDAY offers 2 workshops; 1,5 hours each, starting at 12:00h untill 15:30h.

Registration only in couples.

Price: 150€ per person / -20% for students

New Years Special - Summer Special

DAY 1: [THEME of DAY 1]

DAY 2: [THEME of DAY 2]

DAY 3: [THEME of DAY 3]

DAY 4: [THEME of DAY 4]

THE SUMMER/NEW YEARS SPECIAL gives the opportunity to immerse deeply into the preparation and understanding of our body to connect & enjoy various movements together with our partner. Every day has a different but connected theme.

Every day offers 2 parts (a and b) building on each other, but can also be booked separately.

PART A) 19:00-20:00h “SINGLE TECHNIQUE & BODY PREPARATION”: A set of exercises to prepare your body, understand movements particularly necessary for the days topic – also generally helpful to feel more clarity, power and freedom in your dance.
Part A can be booked single – no partner needed

PART B) 20:30-22:00h “THE TOPIC OF THE DAY”: The second part of the day’s seminar will be in couples. Registration in couples nessesary.


Price: 50€/per day (20€ PART A) & 30€ PART B))

All 4 days (PART A+B): 160€

-20% for Students

Private Class

A private class is designed for your individual development in Tango. It is a space where we have time to get to know your individuality and help you advance to the next level. Together we personalize exercises for you to feel better, express yourself more freely and take the next big step in your tango journey with joy. You will connect deeper to your body and inspiration. Combined with technical understanding and training we provide you an all-embracing experience for the quality of your tango. Private classes can be taken single or as a couple. You have the option of working with one of us or with both at the same time.

Price: 90€/hour (Sayaka OR Joscha), 140€/hour (Sayaka AND Joscha)
-20% for Students

Keep in Touch ...

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first for our newest Activities!

02. – 05. January 2020

4 Days Special Seminar - Vienna (AT)

11. + 12. January 2020

Show & Workshops - Bamberg (GER)

18 January 2020

Buenos Aires until  Feb 16

Private Classes available